OKEx integrates crypto domain-based payments from Unstoppable Domain names

Worldwide cryptocurrency exchange OKEx introduced Feb. 9 that it has incorporated support for blockchain-based addresses from Unstoppable Domains into its consumer pocketbooks.

This suggests that rather than requiring to give specific budget addresses for each token type, users can send as well as obtain any of the many money sustained by both OKEx and Unstoppable Domain names via a single.crypto or.zil domain.

In practice, this functionality was already offered for incoming deals. The domain name owner could simply establish the redirects for each money to their OKEx wallet addresses by means of the Unstoppable Domain names platform.

However, OKEx purse can currently cryptocurrency company to invest in for outbound deals as well as will certainly reroute these to the addresses defined by the domain owner.

Streamlined address formats can enhance the user experience and get rid of among the remaining obstacles for novices entering the crypto room, according to OKEx CEO Jay Hao.

Blockchain domain names are also censorship-resistant, implying that it is impossible to take down or deplatform an address on the decentralized internet.

Aside from its crypto-enabled web addresses, last year saw Tim Draper-backed Unstoppable Domains launch decentralized chat and also email solutions.

OKEx’s news sees it adhering to other major exchanges such as Coinbase and also Huobi in supporting the.crypto and.zil address format.

OKEx additionally lately introduced that it would execute Bitcoin’s Lightning Network throughout the first quarter of 2021, providing consumers with faster transactions as well as reduced fees.